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Arlo is our take on Basque cider — tart and complex but delightfully drinkable, and a longtime industry favorite. We partner with our longtime friends at Petritegi Sagardoa, located just outside of San Sebastian in Spain, to source European apple varieties unavailable in commercial quantities in the United States. Petritegi presses and ferments their apples in enormous, decades-old chestnut barrels; we then ship this fermented cider to Vermont where we blend it with fruit we source from New England. This unusual blend of European and New England fruit creates a one-of-a-kind dry, complex cider without any additional flavorings or sweeteners.

Style: Cider - Traditional

ABV: 6%

Format: 12oz Cans

Flavors: Dry, Funky

More Details: Gluten-Free, Barrel-Aged, Collaboration

Origin:  Vergennes , Vermont

More About: Shacksbury Cider